Day Cream, ODM, Face Cream, Essence Day Cream

Product Details For a hydrated, radiant glow all day.Featherlight and absorbed instantly, this greaseless moisture formula provides 12-hour hydration. Your skin will look its healthy best and feel touchably soft all day . Providing an invisble armor, the essential day cream\'s antioxidant protection gives your skin what it

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Product Details
For a hydrated, radiant glow all day.
Featherlight and absorbed instantly, this greaseless moisture formula provides 12-hour hydration. Your skin will look its healthy best and feel touchably soft all day . Providing an invisble armor, the essential day cream's antioxidant protection gives your skin what it needs to help fight the visible effects of outside skin damage. Skin is instantly fresh,smooth, hydrated,and make-up ready.

Day Cream, ODM, Facial Cream, Essential Day Cream
Prevent dark spots, wrinkles, whitening and moisturizing, diminishing inflammation, anti- acne, erosion resistance to toxin, let you safe, healthy, white and ruddy, radiant. Especially for sun allergy, fixes the allergic spot quickly.

1) Anti-aging: scavenging free radicals and hydroxide radicals which cause aging, to postpone senility;
2) Removing/ reducing all sorts of spots caused by blood stasis: such as butterfly spot, chloasma, senile plaque and cyasma etc.;
3) Removing/ reducing radiation spots, sunburn, ultraviolet allergy, dark and rough skin, etc.;
4)Getting rid of red blood silk and acne which are caused by poor blood microcirculation;
5)Relieving the poisonous effects of heavy metal, such as Cu, Pb, Cd, Ag, Hg, Bi, etc.;
6)Removing wrinkles, whitening, moisturizing, rapidly repairing damaged skin cells;
7)Accelerating the rehabilitation speed of skin inflammation, relieving skin allergic reactions.
8)Also can be used as body care cream, enlarge breast, improve the lobular hyperplasia of mammary glands, hysteromyoma, Insomnia, depression; Improve the abnormal menstruation, apathy; Improve bone density, black rim of the eye, hair loss, etc; Improve the menopause syndrome and so on.

Method of use:
After facial cleaning, apply amount of this product to the face, massage gently.

If it accidentally entered in the eyes, please rinse.
Bleeding and skin damage are prohibited; Pregnant women and lactating women can't use this; Protein allergy disabled.
Children have to avoid eating by mistake, place in a cool and dry place, not to direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 3 years

About us
Dalian Free Trade Zone United BoTai Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd., was incorporated in 2006. It is a high-tech biological company specifically committed to research and developing proteins, manufacturing and marketing biological products.
We are now cooperating with National Laboratory of Protein Engineering of College of Life Science Peking University and other well-known institutions, have successfully developed and optimized Metallothionein(MT), Gene recombinant Hirudin(HV2), Interferon(α-2b), Interleukin-2(IL-2), Epidermal Growth Factor(EGF), human Intestinal Trefoil Factor(ITF), and other nearly 30 kinds of proteins and biochemical reagents. They are playing outstanding roles in food, nutrition & health care products, beauty & skin care products and analysis of pharmaceutical research.
In cosmetics field, our protein cosmetic products have lots of functions. It can delay senescence, anti-acne, remove heavy metal toxins, protect skin from the sunlight ultraviolet, whiten skin, lighten dark spots, remove scars, moisturize skin etc. There is no any harmful ingredient in the products. The proteins we are using can improve the blood microcirculation from inside, solve your skin problems fundamentally, let your skin glossy and healthy. The protein skin care products are not only popular in domestic market, but also in overseas market. The products have been sold all over the world. Europe ,North America, Australia, Asia all have our protein skin care products. We have cooperated with a US cosmetics company for many years, and our ODM cosmetics products have been large exported to USA. The products experienced multiple inspections from the FDA and from US Border Patrol/Customs and we passed smoothly! Now, our ODM products have entered the Lord&Taylor shopping mall in the fifth avenue in New York and sold by many famous cosmetics companies of USA .
In biological and other field( Pharmacy and health care),our products also have special features. Many universities use our proteins for their experiments, such as University of Toledo, Indian Chandigarh University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Jinan University, Military-Medical Academy,  the Third Military Medical University, the Forth Military Medical University,  Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Fudan University, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Nankai University, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of physicochemical, China Medical University, Liaoning Drug Research Institute, Wuhan University of Technology, Dalian University of Technology, Jilin Medical Collage, Southern Medical University , Zhejiang Foresty&Farming University, etc, and get good results. The health care products can remove garbage in the blood, it is good for the treatment of kidney diseases and cardiovascular diseases, without any negative consequence. The bio-protein and health care products not only gain good feedback in domestic, but also sold in global market. USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Russia, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Dubai(UAE),Hong Kong, Taiwan and so on, our products spread all over these countries and areas.
Day Cream, ODM, Facial Cream, Essential Day Cream
Day Cream, ODM, Facial Cream, Essential Day Cream


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