Flunixin Glucomannan Injection Over-the-Counter Veterinary Drugs

Flunisine glucomannan injectionThe instructionsNon-prescription veterinary drugs[Veterinary drug name][Common name]:  Flunisine glucomannan injection[Product name]:  none[English name]:  Flunisine Meglumine Injection[Chinese pinyin]:  Funixin Pujia \'an Zhusheye[Main ingredient]  Flunisine glumeamine.[Pr

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Flunisine glucomannan injection
The instructions
Non-prescription veterinary drugs

[Veterinary drug name]
[Common name]:  Flunisine glucomannan injection

[Product name]:  none

[English name]:  Flunisine Meglumine Injection

[Chinese pinyin]:  Funixin Pujia 'an Zhusheye

[Main ingredient]  Flunisine glumeamine.

[Properties] This product is a colorless or light yellow clear liquid.

[Function and application] antipyretic and analgesic antiinflammatory drugs.Used for pyrexia, inflammation, muscle pain and soft tissue pain in livestock and small animals.
[Usage and dosage] intramuscular and intravenous injection: one dose, 0.4ml per 1kg body weight;Dogs and cats 0.2-0.4ml.Use it once or twice a day for no more than 5 days.
[Adverse reactions ]intramuscular injection can stimulate the local area.Long-term heavy use of this product may lead to gastric ulcer and renal injury in animals.
[Precautions] (1) care should be taken in animals with peptic ulcer; (2) it shall not be used together with other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
[Drug withdrawal period]: 28 days for cows and pigs.
[Specification]  C14H.11F3N2O2100 ml: 0.5 g
[Packaging]: 100ml/ bottle
[Storage] Shading and airtight storage.
[Approval no.] Veterinary drug 220242278
[Term of validity]: 2 years
Flunisine Glucomannan Injection Non-Prescription Veterinary Drugs


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